The Art of Learning: Visual Art and Drama Workshops for Kindergarten to Grade 7

Teachers – register your class for a unique field trip in which students investigate Science or Social Studies topics through hands-on and interactive workshops. Choose from 6 topics: Westcoast Marine Life, Animals & Their Habitats, The Human Body, Our Solar System, Me & My Community OR Humans & Civilization.  Workshops are led by professional visual and performing artists on Wednesdays at 10:00AM-2:00 PM. Lunch room provided. Cost is $280+tax for maximum of 28 students.

Visual Arts: In the 1.5 hour art workshop led by a professional visual artist, students create a work of art using drawing and painting techniques.

Drama: In the 1.5 hour drama workshop led by a professional performing artist, students participate in theatrical games, improvisation activities, and tableaux work.